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Frequently Asked Questions

My build failed, what could possibly be wrong?

  1. Check to make sure the steps on the Prerequisites and Setup information page were all completed successfully.
  2. Be sure to run setup.bat as an administrator.
  3. Sometimes Windows maintains a lock for several seconds on some of the output folders after they are extracted from the zip file. Try closing and opening the newly unzipped folder and launch setup again.
  4. Open the Dwarfs.sln in Visual Studio. Right click the solution and select build. Please file a bug against us with the resultant error message in the Issue Tracker. If the solution builds successfully within Visual Studio, try running setup again.

Why are the Unstructured Grid input files included while all the others are generated by setup?

The input file generation phase of setup creates three new input files for each of the Parallel Dwarfs, with the exception of the Unstructured Grid dwarf. These files are relatively small (a total of 8MB) where they take quite a long time currently to generate (approx. 20 minutes). To improve the setup experience we decided to make a time/space trade off.

I get an error when I try to trace on the cluster. Vampir says it could not open the trace file.

This often happens when a previous attempt to run with tracing fails and leaves the trace mechanism in a bad state. Try executing the following command:

clusrun logman stop msmpi –ets

This will reset the tracing mechanism.

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